Provides complex healthcare services amongst the best facilities in Europe. In cooperation with top specialists, our clients get modern and reliable medical procedures with complementary services, to ensure comfortable care.

Viva Vitalis provides solution for all of these questions.

European union offers health care facilities providing medical treatment with high quality at reasonable costs.

  • professional care for the elderly  - from $ 990
  • English speaking staff
  • care for oncologic patients

Our services

  • Alzheimer center and Senior house
  • Genetic tests and DNA analysis of infectious diseases
  • Treatment of oncologic diseases
    • ​More information
    • Oncology is a field of medicine focused on prevention, diagnostics and treatment of tumors. European oncology centers offer progressive procedures based on the latest scientific research. treatment of oncologic diseases is based on chemotherapy, irradiation, hormonal and biological treatment. Amongst the most innovative methods is proton therapy.​
  • Proton therapy represents highly effective method of cancer treatment thanks to the physical properties of proton beam and its precisely focused and measured dose. The greatest advanatge of the proton therapy is a fact that the beam is targeted solely on the cancerous tissue without affecting surrounding tissues and organs.
  • Assisted reproduction + center for assisted birth
    • The first reason to visit European clinics is the price of medical services, which is often almost twice as low as in US. Another reason are moderate legislative conditions. In some countries, assisted reproduction with donated eggs or embryos, is prohibited by law, yet in Europe it is possible. Sometimes, the only solution for couples with reproduction issues, is a treatment in one of the foreign clinics.
  • Plastic surgery
    • Czech republic is well known for internationally recognized physicians and facilities equipped with the most modern devices. In aesthetic plastic surgery, the most popular procedures are eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and modelation, liposuction, rhino- and otoplasty. 
  • Stomatology
    • The field of stomatology is definitely one of the leading cause of medical tourism. In Europewe can find a wide variety of modern clinics with fast and miniinvasive solutions.
  • Solutions for obesity
    • Obesity is declared a worldwide issue.
    • The basic cause of obesity is energetic dysbalance between calories consumed and expended. Throuhout the world we can see a rapid increase of calorically rich food with high fat contents, along with decrease of physical activity.
    • Patients who fail in conservative measures (diet, increase of physical activity, heathly lifestyle), can undergo a surgery. In European healthcare facilities a various types of surgery can be performed, such as biliopancreatic diversion, gastric bypass, laparoscopic gastric bandage, gastric tubulization and plication.
  • Convalescence and spa therapy
    • ​Spa services are located in cities with spa tradition and curative thermal springs. These are perfect places for regeneration after severe diseases or injuries, for restoration of strong health, relaxation and also for tourism and estabilishment of new social contacts. Basic parts of spa services are not only specialized procedures, but also education of patients in the field of healthy lifestyle and excercise.  
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